Discounts in the pro shop on competition days

We have come up with the following promotions for you :

On tournament days organized directly by the Soufflenheim Golf Club, all participants will receive a 35% discount on all golf items in our shop (*) (**) (***).

On external tournament days organized by our partners and sponsors, tournament participants will receive a 25% discount on all Pro Shop (*) (**) (***)

(*) you must be registered and participate in the competition.

(**) The discount is only valid on the day of the competition.

(***) The discount is valid for the entire shop, except for ongoing promotions for example golf ball promotions (buy 2 packs, get the third one free). This offer is not valid for TICAD trolleys and any other products we special order for you.


Ryder’s Cup 2023

Victory for our German members! A summit duel between the German and French golfers from Soufflenheim on the event of the 2023 Ryder’s Cup, which…

Scramble Golf Tour Elsass 2023

A two-man scramble over 3 cumulative rounds on 3 different golf courses. This competition, organised by the “Ligue de Golf Grand Est” and the Strasbourg,…

Robotic mowers

Since Friday, 4 August 2023, you can discover two Husqvarna robotic mowers on the 18-hole course. These mowers are responsible for mowing fairways 9, 10…

Timothée WETZEL

Our apprentice Timothée WETZEL, who is preparing a “Certificat de Spécialisation Jardinier de Golf entretien des sols Sportif“, whom you have already met on our…

Greenkeepers’ tournament

As every year, the greenkeepers of the Soufflenheim Golf Club will be holding their traditional tournament on 26 August 2023, followed by a social evening…

Firefighters on the green

A big thank you to the Soufflenheim fire brigade for their commitment and dedication to helping the residents of this charming town. The colour contrast…

Open Air Evening

Open Air evening at the Golf de Soufflenheim, Saturday July 2, 2023.

The Marshal Tournament

The Marshal Tournament took place on Sunday 25 June on the Soufflenheim golf course in very sunny weather. Despite the heat, the participants had a…

BMW Golf Cup

The L’ESPACE H HAGUENAU car dealership will be hosting its BMW Golf Cup France 2023 stage at the SOUFFLENHEIM BADEN-BADEN GOLF CLUB on Sunday 2…


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! We are pleased to inform you that France is one of the countries selected to participate in the R&A’s 9 hole…

Golf license course 2023 | New session

The ideal solution for a good start in golf. 8 weeks to discover the wonderful sport of golf, make new acquaintances and open up to…

Coring of greens

Our team of greenkeepers will be carrying out the annual aeration and sanding of the greens from Tuesday 18 April 2023.   Tuesday, 18 April:…

Top Tracer events/animations

3Throughout the year, the Soufflenheim Golf Club offers TOP TRACER animations with a golf pro. The session lasts 1 a half hour.   At a…

Students on the green

The Soufflenheim Golf Club welcomed on Tuesday 2 May the pupils of the ULIS special school, which welcomes children with disabilities aged 12 to 16.…

Taster course for teenagers

These taster courses are aimed at young people up to the age of 14 who would like to continue playing golf after a first approach…

Tournaments accompanied by a golf pro

New this year are the “accompanied tournaments”, which are accompanied by a pro instructor. A debriefing with the golf pro is organized at the end…

Free golf courses for non-golfers

Throughout the year, the Golf de Soufflenheim offers you free “Baptême de Golf” introductions accompanied by a pro instructor. Session of 1 hour Maximum 10…

Electric charging station

New at Golf de Soufflenheim: A terminal to charge your electric vehicle! More information : Welcome to your loading area Welcome to your charging space

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Le restaurant est ouvert à tous et tous les jours

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Lundi – Jeudi | 10h -19h
Vendredi – Samedi | 10h-20h
Dimanche | 10h-19h

Réservation souhaitée :

03 88 05 73 45 (ligne directe du restaurant)

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